Our principles and philosophy transcend our research. We are your partners.

Braun Research, Inc., is a privately-held Marketing and Public Opinion Research firm whose goal is to uphold the highest standards of data collection. Our decades of experience span multiple methodologies which means that when you hire us to conduct your data collection, you get the audience data you are looking for.

  • We review sampling, quotas, data, execution, final outcomes, trends, coding and weighting with you on a proactive basis.
  • We watch and listen – remaining fully attuned to current events and issues and we will let you know how that impacts your data.
  • We ask questions, we check with you regularly to ensure we’re meeting your expectations, we work with you to be the best partner we can be.
  • Our team is on the job round the clock, whether you want to conduct a study during the week or on the weekend.

Our Services in Detail

Quality Control

We do a lot more than field your study and hope for the best. Every line in your data is thoroughly-checked by Quality Control. There is a long list of the things we do to ensure your data is solid. As it should be.

  • Analyzes Survey Programming: Ensures accurate survey programming;
  • Tracks tabulations and quotas;
  • Trains and monitors telephone interviewers;
  • Maintains data integrity in field (flatliners, fatigued, speeders, bots, etc.).
  • Interviewers are thoroughly briefed prior to calling;
  • Staff is capable of phone (landline and cell) polling/interviewing, focus group recruitment, and in-depth interviewing;
  • Efficient dialing system, with sample adjusted on demand to ensure quotas stay on track;
  • Complete disposition reports available daily by request.

Telephone Research

We started off our company with traditional telephone dialing centers across the country. Times have changed and BRI has adapted to meet the ongoing challenge of finding qualified respondents.

Sample Design

In the 1990s polling was much simpler. You could assemble a phone room, acquire an RDD sample of the area of interest, and results could be obtained with a high degree of confidence. Times have changed, and BRI has adapted with the changes. For example we keenly understand demographic complexities and adopt appropriate survey methods, calling times, sampling and screening to help boost response rates and productivity.

  • BRI supports traditional landline sample, cell phone sample, text to web methods, or all of the above. This ensures data collection is widely representative;
  • BRI will acquire representative sample whether it’s voters or Nielsen DMA, or we can reach your or we can reach your provided sample with the ratios/quotas you’re looking for;
  • BRI will assist in designing a pool of respondents that is representative to your audience;
  • You can be assured the data/demographics are accurate and stand up to scrutiny.
  • We collaborate with a number of consumer panels so we can reach virtually any audience segment;
  • Our system is capable of videos, charts, sliding option bars, etc. Your audience can provide reactions in a more engaging way;
  • Survey formats are user friendly with the ability to stop and resume the survey at any point;
  • Email outreach is available as well. 

Online Research

When your audience is 100% online, or your survey contains audio-visual stimuli, we can absolutely reach your target audience.


BRI has a dedicated team of programmers with an excellent attention to detail. Stop using those self service tools, we will provide programming at any level of detail, complexity, and design. 

  • Surveys are hosted on a cloud structure and respond to high levels of traffic;
  • System handles skips, rotations, images, videos, siders, any design/logic element you can think of;
  • Surveys are custom and can be branded to your company;
  • Our programming team has dozens of years of combined experience in the field.
  • Survey data is available in a number of formats: Excel, Flat ASCII, SPSS, Word, and more;
  • You determine the survey data layout;
  • Data available at your discretion: while research is being conducted or when fully collected;
  • All data is reviewed by our QC team. 

Data Processing

BRI creates custom, banner driver tables for you to analyze. Raw data is also available in a wide range of industry standard formats for you to prepare your own reports and analysis.

Questions? Reach out to us

We are more than data collectors — we consult, advise, execute, and consult again.